We want you to be aware of changes the EPA has made to Section 608 of The Clean Air Act that went into effect January 1st of this year. Previously, the regulations had several loopholes that made it difficult for them to monitor compliance, identify responsible parties and levy fines. The changes now hold building owners, service technicians, refrigerant retailers and recovery companies directly accountable for following the new regulations.

The revised regulations include more stringent record keeping rules, leak reporting procedures that now include the new environmentally friendly refrigerants such as R410a. As a responsible mechanical contractor we have educated our employees on the new regulations and only employ service technicians who carry a current EPA certification. We have also designed a specific document that will meet all current EPA requirements for record keeping.

We are committed to following all EPA regulations to help protect the environment while servicing your equipment. The links below will get you to the appropriate section of the EPA website should you want to view these regulations in greater detail. I am also including PDF’s of the existing and revised regulations so that you can become more familiar with what is required by all parties




Building owners, service technicians and contractors all have a vested interest to follow these procedures. We will make every effort to keep any additional costs to a minimum while being compliant with these new regulations.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Regards and thank you for your business,

Richard Carlini